5 Favorite Family Photo Prompts

5 Favorite Family Photo Prompts

Hello and welcome to the blog today! I’m sharing with you some of my tried and true family photo prompts today that I break out at a family session to incorporate some movement, laughter, creative posing, and most importantly… fun!

This style of “posing” if you will is something I love because mom, dad, and the kids all get to interact together, and act like themselves. It helps people loosen up a bit when they’re not just standing still thinking about smiling, and if you have energetic kids, this is a great way to get pictures of them and keep them from running off (for a bit 😉 ).

To use these, all I do is give the family or individual members the instructions and photograph as they go!
Alright, let’s jump in!

1. Follow the leader

For this one, I line everyone up, usually from smallest to tallest, and have a parent holding a baby if they can’t walk yet. Have everyone hold hands and let the first person lead them all around wherever they want to go! They’ll be walking front to back, not side to side. Make sure they go slow!

2. Play airplane and give mom (or brother, sister, etc) a kiss!

If there’s a baby or little kid in the family, I love this one! Have Dad hold baby up like an airplane, with accompanying airplane noises of course. Fly them around a bit, and eventually, land on mom and give her a kiss. Do this a few times! Let everyone in on the affection and give everyone a kiss if they want.

3. Sit on a blanket

Bringing a blanket to a shoot is pretty common, as well as sitting on one, but there are so many fun things to do with them! Get creative and find unexpected ways to incorporate it.

4. Lay down on a blanket and play

I love this one! I feel like this is the pose that seems to hold the least promise in the moment, but always ends up being some of my favorites. I’ll place mom and dad down first and then just usually let the kids do what they want from there. Sometimes the perfect inspiration will strike, and I’ll be more directive but this one usually results in perfectly candid photos.

5. Walk in a line and look at each other!

Similar to follow the leader, this one is great for wide shots of the whole family and is a fun way to get everyone in the frame in a unique yet orderly way. I’ll usually give them directions like, “everyone look at mom”, “everyone look at the silliest goose in the family” or something like that.

Alright, that’s it for today! I hope this list of family photo prompts helps and gives you some inspiration! I love sharing these because putting words to the pictures you see isn’t always easy. Sometimes I’ll be picturing something in my mind and not know how to get from there to the final picture and prompting is the way to do it! Having a clear direction to follow is also so helpful for the people in the photos, too.

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