natural newborn photography in omaha, nebraska


So.... you're going to have a 

I've got everything ready for you.

a full service photography experience designed with a very special mama in mind (that's you)!

1. consultation to discuss your desires and plan your family's session

2. professional hair and makeup services

3. client wardrobe curated for moms during the postpartum season

4. a beautiful natural light studio or the comfort of your own home

5. natural posing, props, wraps, which will help create these timeless photos of your family.

6. i'll help you design a wall gallery or album to fit your home

6. your family gets to enjoy these portraits for years to come

you take care of the baby. I'll take care of this.

are looking for portraits that focus on the innate beauty of your newborn

desire to leave a legacy to your children, and give them a childhood where they feel important and celebrated for who they are

are still in awe that a real life human came out of you - and think it's really special - so special that you want to commemorate it

want your home to be a sanctuary for your loved ones, filled with  images that mirror the importance of those closest to your heart.

If you...

you're exactly where you need to be.

Because you want the best for your family : 

◘ all of your favorite portraits will be preserved in print

◘ only the best, archival materials are sourced so you can pass your heirlooms down for generations.

◘ i've hand selected the kid - friendliest products and labs because although you love nice things, you also have kids 

There's  one thing  I want you to know about me:

My love for people is what drives my heart behind my work.

Getting to celebrate the brand new life that God knew the world still needed is such a great privilege (and you know... gives me the warm fuzzies and stuff).

Postpartum is a time of addition, transition, & life completely changing. A beautiful whirlwind of moms and dads everywhere showing off their adaptability and brilliance as they rearrange their entire life to make room for another person.

Just like you, I see your sweet newborn baby as someone who will change the world (and already is). And I see moms and dads rise up to protect, raise, and guide this new one to be all they can be, and consequently becoming a better version of themselves, too. 

The journey of becoming a family makes you all stronger. And because I know you're so busy, doing important stuff, I wanted to make remembering it as seamless as possible.

And make it look beautiful too, of course!

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Hi, I'm Helena

"Thank you SO much, you have such a gift and we are so lucky to get to experience it! You were so patient and sweet with our baby, we can't thank you enough"

From a member of the hSP Fam:

"She made us feel so comfortable and the service she offers to take care of new, postpartum moms is so thoughtful."
- Leena

From a member of the hSP Fam:

"We did order the trio she offers and they were beautiful, great quality and everything that we expected plus some!"
- Brooke

From a member of the hSP Fam:

"Helena took my daughter's newborn photos and they are breathtaking. She even managed to make me look like I was glowing at three weeks postpartum with very little sleep!"
- Molly

From a member of the hSP Fam:

Let's make this easy

so.. you think you found the perfect photographer for you??

then let's hurry before the kids spill something!