hey, I'm Helena

I'm down here... picking up the lego, again ☻

My name is Helena, and if there's one thing I want you to know about me, it's that you are so welcome here, on life's journey, with me! And if you're a mom - I get you. 

And I understand why it is so important to have these keepsakes of our children who have the audacity to just keep growing and changing! Yet. at the same time, that's just what we want them to do. So bittersweet. 

Becoming a mom has been the most transformative experience yet, and that's why I love getting to capture motherhood in action as well. I also know how stressful family photos can be and have focused my efforts on creating an easy and stress free experience for you - without sacrificing the beautiful images you want.

let's make this happen

I'm quick - Be on the lookout!
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If it's sunday, I'll be in touch during the week!