What to Wear for Family Photos | Summer 2023

What to Wear for Family Photos

How do you decide what to wear for family photos? One of the most common questions I get from clients is, “What do I wear?!”. I know picking out outfits can be daunting, and frustrating. Between the endless online shopping, in person shopping, returns, shipping, etc, it can just be a lot.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve created and am always adding to my client wardrobe. The majority of the time, you probably won’t wear these items again. So it’s really convenient to not have to spend your time and energy buying them, storing them, and reselling or donating them. Why not just borrow them? All of my sessions include access to my client closet for FREE.

Maybe, though, you’re looking for inspiration, or maybe you really want something unique and do want to purchase something of your own for whatever reason.

Every season I try to put some of these together to give you an idea of what goes well together, how many pieces really CAN be beige and tan (spoiler alert: it’s a lot). Sometimes they do a bit of pattern mixing as well.

Outfit Planning Strategy

Some of my main strategies when planning what to wear for family photos:
1. Pick mom’s dress first and add all the others around that. If she has patterns, then the other pieces will be more subtle. If her dress is plain, you can add in some funkier pieces elsewhere.
2. Look for unique features on the clothing, such as: lace, textured material (gauze, knitted sweaters, linen, etc) , fringe, buttons, and more! Textured fabric is my favorite and I fit it in almost wherever I can, since I prefer subtle, plain colors.
3. Add accessories and shoes in a coordinating neutral color.

Now that you know some of my best tips, see them in action below! All the links are provided below as well.

  1. Men’s Beige Jersey Shirt
  2. Men’s Pants
  3. Girl’s Flutter Sleeve Dress
  4. Red Plaid Set
  5. Girl’s Knit Sleeveless Dress
  6. Boy’s Band-Collar Shirt
  7. Boy’s Brown Chino Pants
  8. 2-piece Fine-knit Vest Set
  9. Women’s Dress

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this style guide for Summer 2023. You can see my other ones here. Putting together outfits and deciding what to wear for family photos is one of my favorite parts of all of this photography stuff. It makes a BIG difference in the mood and feel of your final images. It’s worth it to get right!

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