Product Spotlight: The Story (Folio) Box

In the last post, we talked about Designing Art for Your Home. In that post, I walked you through some helpful questions to consider when choosing products at your ordering appointment / reveal.

Today I’m going to walk you through one of my (and my clients) most beloved photo items : The Story Box (also known as the folio box). This is a one of a kind, beautifully handcrafted way to display up to 30 favorite images from your session. I will walk you through the features and unique aspects of this story box. Let’s dive in!

Overview of the Story Box

This is a wooden box that comes in two sizes : 8×10″ and 11×14″. It has a window glass display, featuring a favorite image in the front that can be changed out super easily.

One of my favorite features of this box is it’s multifunctionality. It is a beautiful display piece on your coffee table or bookshelf all by itself, AND you can use the prints for any other same-sized frames or displays you have around your home.

Not only that, it cleverly stores up to 30 prints and has a special spot for the USB that holds all the digital files – all in one place! It’s like an album, and multiple framed prints, and a beautiful storage solution in 1!

You can also order a special matching magnetic frame to swap out images around your home super easily.

Now let’s take a look at some of the more specific unique features this box has to offer.

1. Wooden Exterior

This box is made out of wood, and is handcrafted in Ireland. It comes in multiple finishes, but my favorite is this white wood. You can choose from an 11×14″ box or an 8×10″ box. This one I am showing is the 11×14″. There are plenty of options to compliment your home’s design.

2. Tempered Glass Window Display

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the story box is the window display. The box features one matted print to show through the window, and the print is easily interchangeable. Also, the glass is tempered so it is safe for families with small children!

3. Hinged Opening

The use of hinges in this box is so user-friendly. Whenever you want to open it up to look through your photos, or replace the print in the window, just open it up! Super convenient and easy.

4. Fully Lined Interior with Ribbon

When you open this box, it is fully lined, and includes a ribbon for easy removal of your matted prints if you need!

5. Holds up to 30 matted prints.

The story box holds up to 30 matted prints. You’ll get to choose the quantity (minimum 15) and which images you’d like. The prints themselves are beautifully matted for you.

6. USB Storage

Inside the lid, there is a spot to hold a USB. This really appeals to me, because I love the simplicity of it. Because most of my clients do love and value digitals, this is such a great feature so they always know where to go looking for the USB. There’s nothing worse than digging around for a USB in a desk drawer, memory box, or searching for emails forever only to discover your gallery has expired.


Alright, that’s it for this product spotlight! I hope you enjoyed getting to see the Story Box and it’s multifunctionality, beauty, and quality. It truly is a spectacular option for families who want a stunning, yet smart way to store and display their treasured memories.

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