Fall Photoshoot Outfits| – Girls 2T – 10 | H&M

Fall Photoshoot Outfits for Girls size 2T – 10

Hello! Today I am sharing with you a short post with some links for great girls’ dresses to help your daughter dress for your fall photoshoot.

1 – striped cotton dress

2 – yellow button down dress

3. Rust flounce sleeve dress

4. purple balloon sleeve dress

5. pink cotton tank dress

6. collared button down gauze dress

I picked H&M to feature because they are widely available and relatively inexpensive. They also often feature fabric choices that lend themselves well the the soft, sweet, and natural look I love to style in my photographs.

I will continue to make some more posts with different stores featured, as well as some options for boys and mom and dad as well!

Tips for dressing for your Fall Photoshoot

One of my favorite tips for choosing selections for your photos is picking garments with TEXTURE. embroidered, fringed, denim, crocheted, and knitted garments are all so photogenic and add a little oomph to your photos. These cotton gauze dresses, the buttons and collars are all examples of that!
Don’t forget to add accessories to your daughters outfits such as tights, bows, bonnets, boots, etc!

Click here to see my spring outfit suggestions! They would still be beautiful for fall.

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