Tips for Moms – Your Newborn Photography Session

Hi all! I’m so excited to share three of my favorite newborn session tips with you. If you’re a mom, you have a lot on your mind – especially if you have multiple children! This is why I do everything I can to make your newborn photography experience seamless and as little effort for you as possible!

Tip #1 – Schedule Your Due Date With Your Newborn Photographer Before You Go Into Labor

It is best to get on the calendar with your photographer before you go into labor! This doesn’t mean a specific date, but pay your retainer/fees, and get everything as ready as possible so all you have to do is show up. If you do a maternity session, this is a great time to talk with them. Or if you’re my client, you can become a member! Memberships are for families who need multiple sessions in a short amount of time and sign up for 4 sessions at a discounted rate (+ member perks).

When you give birth, and are freshly postpartum, you will be so thankful to your pregnant self that you took care of all of this before your babies arrived. This can include all preparations – if you have a particular outfit you want, or any special themes, nail those down with your photographer before you give birth.

The last thing I want for you is to be stressing about your session – I want for you to be able to show up, look beautiful, and love on each other without having to worry about the details.

This time with your new baby is so special and I want you to have these photos that spark wonderful memories of this postpartum time, not negative ones.

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Tip #2 – Hire a Professional for Hair and Makeup

If there is one session I suggest hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for, it’s the newborn session! You have just been through so much – and a little pampering can help out so much! You deserve it after all you’ve been through.

Another reason I suggest this for newborn sessions, is because postpartum hormones can do a number on your skin, and your self esteem. I think newly postpartum moms should feel beautiful in their photos. I mean truly! You are amazing! But they so often need a confidence boost. This is a perfect way to help you in that area.

Also don’t forget the main point here – less stress! This is something you can arrange with your photographer before hand (if this is a service they provide). I collaborate with local artists and am so happy to have someone meet with you before your session. I also have a growing client closet to dress moms, dads, and littles during a session.

Tip #3 – Helping Your Bigger Littles During Your Newborn Session

If you have older kids who nap, take the time to really consider what time of day will be best for them. Their whole world has changed, too, and to set them up for success, make sure they come after they are well rested and well fed. Bring toys for them to play with when they’re not needed, and snacks that won’t dirty their clothing – my favorites are fruit snacks and honey flavored teddy grahams. Mini marshmallows can also be a hit. I avoid chocolate that melts, and red candy. Don’t forget the water bottles! I try to have water and snacks for the little kids at my sessions. Bribing is utilized a lot with me! And it’s quite effective 😉

These are 3 of my best tips for taking away stress for your newborn session! If this was helpful, I’d love to know! I can definitely share more in the future.

Newborn photos are the best investment you’ll make, in my opinion. They grow so fast, and, at least for me, the older I get the less I remember. Your photos only get more valuable with time – and you can’t go back and take them if you haven’t.

Use this advice to have the best experience possible at your newborn photography session!

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